The mission of GLIDERSERVICE Novak d.o.o. is to provide comprehensive glider maintenance services according to the highest quality standards.

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We specialize in the refinish of aircrafts made of composites: gliders, motorgliders, other composite-built aircraft.

An impeccable surface protects the aircraft’s structure from external impacts, thus helping to extend its service life.

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Instruments and Cockpit

Functionality and comfort in the cockpit are crucial for a successful flight!

Cockpit restoration:

  • Repairs and repainting of the side walls, seating pans and the headrests
  • Coating the instrument panel cover
  • Cleaning, anti-corrosion protection, and painting the control sticks
  • Upholstery replacement
  • Replacement of the old decals with new ones



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We offer all kinds of repairs of the (GFRP/CFRP) structure of composite-built gliders, plexiglass replacement, hail damage repairs.

All the processes are documented photographically.

Metallic Parts

We offer repairs of the metallic parts of gliders.

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We offer all kinds of modifications and enhancements approved for the aircraft type

  • Installation of a new instrument panel, navigation system, transponder …
  • Implementation of advisory directives, mandatory technical notes, service bulletins (AD, TN, SB)
  • Installation of winglets
  • Tail-wheel installation
  • Installation of an additional tow hook
  • Water ballast installation
  • Modification to a lifting instrument panel
  • Modification of the landing gear, brake system
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We offer all kinds of composite-built glider and motor glider inspections.


Aircraft Airworthiness

We offer inspections for airworthiness renewal. We are a CAMO+ organization. We have EASA SI.MG.026 approval for the management of continuing airworthiness, which allows us to issue the Airworthiness Review Certificates for gliders (ARC).

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  • Extensive experience: We have renovated more than 1700 gliders from around the world.
  • We know the majority of glider types with composite construction.
  • We use the best materials and best proven technologies.
  • You get more for your price.
  • We work in accordance with applicable European aviation regulations.
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Worldwide, there are hundreds of our customers’ restored aircraft flying around.

O. D., Germany

Last weekend, I made two starts. Everything works perfectly. We are thrilled about the professional work that you provided. Therefore we really want to thank you and your team.

R. S., Switzerland

My son and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the responsible, quick and reliable execution of our order.

W. P., Belgium

I would like to express my total satisfaction with the services we received. Also everyone who saw the aircraft last weekend shares my opinion. We appreciate your professional approach and wish you all the best in the future. We are already making arrangements for the next order.

J. M. G., France

We were all positively surprised by the professionalism of your company and will gladly recommend you. Thank you for providing such a smooth process. We wish all the best to everyone, especially the hardworking people in your workshop!

F. R., the Netherlands

I am more than happy with your service and support. We will gladly recommend you to others as well. Please give our compliments to your workshop team for the excellent job. Only 1.3kg of additional weight is an excellent result! The smooth surface is even better than the factory surface 25 years ago. In my opinion, the aircraft is painfully beautiful now...

M. K., Switzerland

Yesterday, I made my first flight after the complete refinish of my Ventus. Everything works perfectly and I thank you for the quality work you have done. None of my club colleagues – some of them are really experts – found any imperfections.

H. P., France

I want to express how thrilled I am about the restored surface on my aircraft. GLIDERSERVICE Novak d.o.o. made my life dream come true. The result is magnificent. There are so few moments of true happiness in life – this is one of them.

J. G., United Kingdom

The club technician performed the inspection and also the first flight. We are highly satisfied by the end result. What stands out is the detail. It is obvious you put a lot of dedication into your work. Please forward our thanks to everyone who worked on the aircraft since they did an excellent job.