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Maintenance organization approved according to EASA Part M,
Subpart F

Approval designation: SI.MF.002

Continuing airworthiness management organization (CAMO+) approved according to EASA Part M,
Subpart G

Approval designation: SI.MG.026

Frequently asked questions

Surface of sailplanes, made of composite materials, is most often painted with polyester paint. The latter, due to exposure to external influences, cracks and does therefore not protect the structure from the adverse factors such as humidity, UV light, chemicals which can cause structural damage to the glider. It is therefore necessary to remove the old cracked paint and apply the new material.

GLIDERSERVICE Novak d.o.o. uses exclusively the highest-quality polyurethane coatings and upon the customer’s request also polyester coatings for the refinish of gliders.

Refinishing of the complete glider may take from 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the size of the glider, extent of the order and the materials used.

GLIDERSERVICE Novak d.o.o. offers all the services that can and are allowed to be performed on a glider. We specialize in refinish, including sealing, printing the registration and other markings, painting the glider design, painting and re-upholstering the cockpit, and also all kinds of inspections, such as the 3,000-hour inspections, inspections for airworthiness renewal, as well as smaller and more extensive repairs and modifications, such as: replacement of plexiglass, installation of winglets, installation of a tail wheel, installation of another tow hook, execution of the mandatory technical notes, service bulletins, advisory directives, installation of instruments, a transponder, flight computer, etc.

Safety is one of the main concerns of quality assurance based on the Maintenance Organization Manual and the Internal Procedure Manual, which are harmonized with Parts MF and MG. The Head of Quality Management and the Technical Service Manager are responsible for the quality. In accordance with the regulations, quality control is performed by an external supervisor. We provide ongoing training of our employees. The work is performed in accordance with the approved data on repair procedures, manuals and the aircraft manufacturers’ instructions. Upon all the activities impacting the operational safety of an aircraft, a licensed person double checks the completed work. The equipment and tools are regularly checked. All processes are precisely documented.

All procedures are documented on several levels: parts of the glider during maintenance phases will be photographed and the client is handed the photographs.
Once the customer has taken over the glider at the end, extensive techical documentation is presented, in accordance with Part MF or MG: work order, certificate of release to service, annual inspection checklist, weighing report, equipment list, control surfaces masses and moments, control deflections, EASA form one, release certificate in the log book, evaluation flight report, guarantee certificate.
In addition to these documents, that become part of the glider documentation, GLIDERSERVICE Novak d.o.o. also archives all the procedures in the internal documents, containing information on the contract, weight of the glider and its components before, during and after refinish, a sketch of the glider with exact details on the original labels, sealing and any other characteristics, information on the delivered equipment of the glider, final inspection, double control, used material, …
All documents are kept electronically and on paper.

Based on your preferences and available options, we may prepare templates with an offer of special designs for signs, labels, safety tags, cockpit refinish and the like.
We can offer you the cooperation of an experienced industrial designer who will turn your aircraft into an unique piece of art. Also, the safety regulations are consistently taken into consideration for these procedures.

Request a tender by means of the questionnaire on this website and ask anything you would like to know. Once you opt to commission our services, let us know about your preferences and requirements. We will book the agreed appointment and send you a confirmation. You can deliver and pick up your aircraft yourself or have the transport organized by us. We will of course do our best to meet your requests.

Regardless of the material and age of the aircraft surface, we recommend the following:

  • The surface should never be wet. After washing or rain, immediately wipe the surface dry.
  • Once a year, protect the entire surface with a high-quality non-silicon polish.
  • Do not use very strong adhesive tapes and remove them carefully.
  • Do not use aggressive solvents for cleaning.
  • Avoid quick temperature changes.
  • Minor varnish damages should be repaired immediately.

Should you have any questions that have remained open, we will gladly answer them: